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Classiv bulwark village

A place to live, to be, to enter in contact with Nature, to create, to dream, to share, to be happy. A paradise concept of the new century with  COUNTRY LIVING  integrated WITH MODERN LIFESTYLE.



“Boulevard (French, from Dutch: Bolwerk – bolwark, meaning bastion) has several generally accepted meanings. It was first introduced in the French language in 1435 as boloard and has since been altered into boulevard. In this case, as a type of garden or a type of road, a boulevard (often abbreviated Blvd) is usually a wide, multi-lane arterial thoroughfare, divided with a median down the center, and roadways along each side designed as slow travel and parking lanes and for bicycle and pedestrian usage, often with an above-average quality of landscaping.



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Branding Design, Print Design, Stationary,


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